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Q.) Do you ship all over the world?

A.) Yes, to a point, we ship to the majority of the world market, please contact me first if you have any questions for shipping. Any international shipments, will be required to have insurance, and will ship with tracking number.


Q.) Do you have minimum order quantities for custom projects?

A.) No, unlike some Regalia manufacturers, LLLP & Masonic Regalia, requires no minimum order quantity, weather it is 1 pc. or 25, we have you covered.


Q.) Do you offer multiple piece discounts?

A.) Yes! I have many diffrent customers who purchase multiple pieces at a time, have multiple peices of an item you would like to purchase? Please contact me, I would be happy to work something out to suit your needs and budget.


                           What I won't do

 I will not re-publish any modern pieces or modern out of print books, this would be Copyright infringement, and unethical. 









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